The Société des parcs régionaux de la Matawinie is the biggest network of regional parks in Quebec. It manages the Parc régional de la Forêt Ouareau, the Parc régional de la chute à Bull, the Parc régional des Sept-Chutes, the Parc régional du Lac Taureau as well as the sentier national and in 2022, a new tourist attraction will be added:  Lake Taureau cruises.

It is also one of the largest bodies of water near Montreal, Lac Taureau is a huge reservoir with 270 kilometers of shoreline and an area of 95 km2. Its 45 islands and numerous fine sandy beaches make it an exceptional vacation spot, especially for water sports and camping.

To create this reservoir, a village was moved (Saint-Ignace-du-Lac), it is now Ile du Village (the highest point of the village) where remains of its dwellings and its church as well as many tales and legends attached to it will be told to you by our crew.

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