Island Cruise

You will disembark directly on the beach to visit the island before returning to your starting point. Along the way, observe the surrounding wildlife, you might see the iconic bald eagle that nests near the lake.

La virée historique

Come aboard Le Saindon bateau-mouche for a two-hour dive into the rich history of Saint-Michel-des Saints. What better way to discover these places than on a cruise, where forestry has long been the economic engine of the region. 

Animated cruise. 

Lake Taureau
Dam Cruise

Cruise leading you directly to the dam crossing the entire lake. Along the way, admire the beaches, islands, winged fauna and surrounding nature. to this impressive water retention structure. We’ll be stopping off to enjoy this part of the lake.


The Saindon

You will travel aboard a Bateau Mouche, Explorathor named the Saindon with a capacity of 38 passengers. The riverboat is fully fenestrated to give you a 360-degree panoramic view, at all times. The boat also has a toilet on board.

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