Price policy, cancellation, refund

Covid-19 : Facemask are not required but may become so depending on government recommendations.

Given the capacity of our boat and in order to avoid unnecessary travel, it is strongly recommended to book your cruise online in advance.

Terms and Conditions – Regular Cruise Tickets

15 days or more before the date on your ticket: in case of cancellation, refundable in full (except reservation fees) or in case of date change (no fee).

14 days or less before the date on your ticket: no refunds or date changes accepted.

1. Cancellation request

Any request for cancellation or postponement must be made by email to the address:

2. Security and liability

In the event that a passenger show a detrimental behaviour towards other travellers, the SDPRM reserves the right to refuse boarding due to their behavior (drunk or otherwise), without compensation. The passenger will assume alone all the costs incurred by his behaviour. The SDPRM may cancel, interrupt or postpone a cruise in the event of force majeure, or because the cruise would be rendered unsafe, illegal or impossible, in which case the responsibility of the SDPRM cannot exceed the refund of the cost of the cruise. Departure on a cruise is conditional to the weather. In the event of the impossibility of sailing, we will offer a full refund.

The SDPRM is not responsible for the loss or theft of objects on board the boat. By accepting a ticket, the holder accepts the aforementioned conditions as well as the conditions stipulated on the ticket.


Adults remain responsible at all times for the comings and goings and the actions of the children traveling with them, both on the boat and at the places of embarkation and disembarkation.